Honda HRU197M1 19″ Buffalo Bull Commercial Lawnmower

$1,079.00 $850.00

The HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Series has been designed for the medium-sized lawns as well as commercial applications. There’s plenty to get excited about with the Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch.

  • 19″ Cut, Push, Mulch & Catch
  • Mow Safe Technology with Engine Brake
  • For Larger Lawns & Commercial Users
  • GSV190 6.5 HP Class OHV/OHC with Cast Iron Bore
  • 4-Year Domestic Warranty, 1 Year Commercial

Product Description


The HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch is ideal for the larger lawn area and commercial use. It’s lightweight and easy to push, and also features a rust-proof alloy deck that gives a generous 19” cut.With its 200mm sealed ball-bearing wheels, it’s smooth and easy to manoeuvre around shrubs, garden beds, sandpits or any other hazards that you might find in your back yard.It also incorporates Honda’s Mow-Safe® technology, which takes lawnmower safety to a new level. It revolves around a simple lever that ensures the blades and engine come to a complete stop within three seconds of being released.


When you find you’re spending too much time emptying the catcher bag, something has to change. With an HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch, this is a predicament you’re unlikely to find yourself in given the 50-litre Dacron catcher on board.You’ll fit more grass clippings into the catcher on the Buffalo Bull, which means you’ll be making fewer stops. Fewer stops means less time wasted; time that can be better spent relaxing or servicing more clients.The HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch includes an easy to fit mulching plug. Perfect for regular mowers and great for the environment, the mulching option saves time as you have fewer stops to empty the catcher.


The HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch is powered by the gutsy GSV190, a high-tech overhead valve and overhead cam engine. With decades of engine technology advancements to draw from, Honda is the world’s largest small engine manufacturer, so you know you’re in good hands.As well as providing plenty of power up top, the GSV190 offers a huge positive in the fact that you don’t need to mix oil and petrol like you do in two-stroke models. All Honda petrol mowers run on regular unleaded petrol, the same as your car.Honda has a commitment to the environment, and the Advanced Four-Stroke Technology goes a long way to ensure we leave blue skies for our children.


The HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch comes standard with Honda’s comprehensive 4-Year Domestic Warranty, giving you peace of mind for many years to come.And with a nationwide network of 450 authorised, independent Honda dealers, on hand to help service and maintain your lawnmower, you’ll never mow alone with the Honda HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch.The choice is simple!


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