Powerguard ACPWSM – Wireless Start Module


The POWERGUARD ACPWSM – Wireless Start Module is used to provide external control capability to your engine, generator or pump, easily & without messy cords or any remote control wiring.

Available in various builds to suit many different machines and applications!

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Product Description

Welcome to wireless control convenience!

The ACPWSM WIMAG0399ireless Start Module is appropriate for all applications where equipment is required to operate remotely using a UHF radio transmitter/receiver medium . With up to approximately 75 metres* (line of sight) and without any extra cabling.  A small wireless control (receiver module) is installed within the equipment providing the wireless remote link.   Two handheld transmitters similar to those used to lock and unlock your car (fob type) send coded messages to start and stop your equipment.




powerguard acpwsm 4 button remote

These small key fobs are easy to use and can be duplicated if lost or stolen.  Replacement keys can be purchased individually if required.  The ACPWSM is available in several different builds depending on the equipment you want to operate, from simple concealed installation types to exterior weatherproof standalone applications.





How it works:

When the start button on the hand held transmitter (key fob) is pressed, the generator, engine or pump will operate. Press your stop button and the equipment will shut down, so very easy! Some additional auxiliary functions such as high/low speed controlling available on some applications. A tiny base mount (SMA) antenna is fitted to the machine to enable the operational distance of 75M. (free field, application & atmospheric dependant)

There are many advantages to using a POWERGUARD ACPWSM wireless start module some of which include:

  • Added convenience to operated machinery
  • Added efficiency such as reduced fuel consumptionPOWERGUARD ACPWSM on sewerjet machine
  • Reduction in wear and tear to machinery
  • Reduction in noise pollution
  • Increased productivity

Commercial trades, service, agricultural, domestic machinery applications can all greatly benefit from using an ACPWSM wireless start module to operate engine powered machinery. Some of which include:

  • Generators large or small, petrol or diesel type
  • Water pumps for fire, transfer & irrigation
  • Pressure blasting pumps for sewer & pipe cleaning
  • Engines petrol or diesel
  • Any electrically started or electrically operated point of use machinery requiring remote control

Not to mention, the POWERGUARD ACPWSM wireless start module is extremely popular with holiday makers and camping enthusiasts!  Simply press a button and control your camping generator from the comfort within your cabin, houseboat, caravan or motor home, effortlessly turning it on and off without the need to go out into the cold!

Ask about the POWERGUARD Controllers range of fitting options for your Honda Engine, Generator, Pump application.

Just press the button

*Of course some engine types are not suited, or requiring additional solenoids, speed governing or choke provision incorporated for them to operate.   Where this additional equipment is necessary (to suit the intended application), additional costs may apply.




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