ACP300WPCSN – Fully Automatic Engine Controller with CALL START NOTIFICATION

The POWERGUARD ACP300WPCSN – A fully automatic controller commonly used as an irrigation pump, generator, engine controller. Offering a fully automatic starting form local 2 wire and remote telephone call starting function.

Ideal for:

  • Tank Level Maintenance
  • Stock watering
  • Transfer & General Pumping Operations
  • Capable of driving petrol & diesel engines pumps & generators
  • Bore, & Pivot power packs
  • Standalone engine driven machinery
  • Ideal for backup property fire pumps

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Click on “VIDEO CALL STARTING DEMONSTRATION” below for a full demonstration 

Product Description

Introducing the POWERGUARD ACP300WPCSN Engine, Generator & Pump Controller with CSN – Call Start Notification module

Unlike our previous and very popular ACP100CT model, this engine, generator, pump controller comes standard in a lockable weatherproof steel enclosure with a number of added features.  With its rugged design, this controller will operate your plant the way you’d expect in the toughest of rural applications.

Ideal for an automatically operated standalone & remote generator, engine or water pump application!

Designed with efficiency, reliability & durability in mind, the ACP300WPCSN will operate your engine, generator or
pump ensuring it starts when expected, stops when needed and remains ready to go for next time!

Included with the “NEWACP300WPCSN are the following features:

  • Rugged steel consent panel & mountings
  • Tough weatherproof cabinet, weather seal & IP65
  • Main isolating safety switch with illumination
  • 9 to 36VDC input with low battery protection
  • Remote start/stop input for various signals
  • Bright blue LCD multi character operators screen
  • Multi attempt start with fail to start lock out
  • Low Engine Oil protection input
  • Hi Engine Temperature protection input
  • Over speed / Under speed protection input
  • Energise to Start or Stop fuel control circuits*
  • 2 Wire Remote Start
  • Dimensions H 300 x L 200 x D 150
  • Remote call start & stop operation.
  • Remote Start & Stop notification by return SMS text messaging
  • Failure & Failure Reset notification by return SMS text messaging


The ACP300WPCSN is supplied ready to interface with your equipment, additional wiring may be needed depending the proposed use and application. Being a wall mount type cabinet, it will need to be fixed to a vertical edge/wall and is recommended to be put out of direct weather.

Proven Reliability

The ACP300WPCSN uses the ever reliable Powerguard ACP300 engine controller as its core engine control.   The ACP300 is a very compact digital engine controller with a real time display.  With a wide operating voltage range, this controller will adapt to almost all engine types such as petrol, diesel & gas machines. With its real tiACP300me status display and robust operation, the ACP300 is the obvious choice for most fully automatic starting applications.

Within the ACP300‘s programming, the installer has a vast choice of variable parameters to choose from when adapting this controller to the intended machinery.  A powerful flash type processor will keep the operating process safe and secure during a power down preventing any further parameter adjustments needed.

The latest ACP300 controller has features similar to the larger backup machines, such as multiple re-starts and fully programmable tolerances including most inputs/outputs.

A compact & rugged controller utilising a modern PIC type micro controller design allowing the ACP300 to operate in the harsh, often high ambient site conditions.  Always functioning accurately, reliably with proven durable operation, the ACP300 is offered in a variety of mounting options (application and machine dependent).

From compact weatherproof poly or metal type enclosures to direct panel & flush mounting with various harness or plug-in loom options to suit ease of installation.  Normally supplied as a ‘fitted option’ to your new equipment, the ACP300 can also be supplied as a pre-wired kit which includes the necessary control & engine wiring harness if required for certain applications, particularly where installation is minimal and personnel are experienced.



acp300wpcsn specifications



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