ACPTR8 – Powerguard Automatic Transfer Switch

Powerguard  ACPTR8 – Automatic Transfer Switch – 8kW – 1Phase

The POWERGUARD ACPTR8 – Is an Automatic Transfer Switch used to provide a safe and reliable changeover (switching process) allowing essential services (important loads) to run from an emergency power supply such as a standby generator.  Recommended it be used with a suitably sized generator with 2 wire automatic starting capabilities.

Available in either 240vAC 1 phase or 480vAC 2 phase!

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Product Description


The POWERGUARD ACPTR8 is a compact 8kW Automatic Transfer Switch module when installed is used in the event of a mains/grid power outage. The ACPTR8 removes the need for costly installation and wiring methods, a truly low cost & professional solution.
Installing the ACPTR8 automatic transfer switch and used in conjunction with a suitable (auto start) generator will ensure a reliable and fast acting quality power supply is available for your essential services the instant an outage occurs!
There are many advantages in having a POWERGUARD ACPTR8, some of which include:

  • Reduced interruption or downtime to I.T, in commercial, domestic or agricultural areas.
  • Domestic and commercial refrigeration, medical backup, lighting and security applications.
  • Basement or ground water pumping applications.
  • Pharmaceutical, food treatment areas and environmental organic plant processing.
  • Medical suites including doctors, dentists, health care professional practices and clinics.
  • Supermarket front end, cash registers, UPS and communication backup.
  • C-Pap & other associated medical breathing aids.

How it works:

The ACPTR8 (automatic transfer switch) conveniently and automatically minimises power interruption, without expensive
equipment and the high costs normally associated with installing this type of equipment. As the ACPTR8 constantly monitors grid power, the instant power is interrupted it signals the standby generator to start.

When the generator has started and is running at the correct voltage and frequency, the ACPTR8 will then transfer/switch the essential circuits to the emergency supply (generator/backup) thus power is now available to your essential circuits. In most situations within 10 seconds of the generator starting.

When the grid or mains power returns, the ACPTR8 is designed to delay the handover, back to mains to eliminate possible instabilities of the local grid/mains power. An adjustable two minute delay is designed to ensure a stable continuous mains/grid power source is available.

After the handover (back to mains) delay period, the ACPTR8 seamlessly reconnects the essential circuits. The control then signals the standby generator to shut down, ready in standby mode.

The standard ACPTR8 offers:

  • Over current protection.
  • Standard earth and neutral bar configurations
  • Separate reference & timing circuit isolation for real time test facilitation.
  • All normal time controlling parameters, fully adjustable to meet varied applications.
  • Uncomplicated design, easy to connect, the controller can be simply installed in a cupboard or included in standard electrical cubicle.
  • Available in both a surface or recessed mount configuration.
  • Standard (surface mount) measurement is L 220mm x W 220mm x D 100mm

Contrary to what most people imagine, having an automatic standby generator is not expensive. It can be installed as an emergency power supply for the essential services part of an installation or in fact the whole of the installation.    Certainly, having those important appliances covered can make life a little easier, convenient, knowing you are adequately protected in the event of power failure!

“Did you know” most damage to electrical appliances occurs at the point when mains power is restored while the electrical appliance is plugged in and switched on?

This is due to voltage or current spikes and transients caused by excessive grid loading when the mains power is restored. This cannot happen with the ACPTR8 due to its operating design.

In utilising a POWERGUARD ACPTR8 as part of your installation, shops, offices, supermarkets, medical centres, houses & garages can be equipped with a smaller, more affordable standby generator without spending large sums on maintaining complicated standby powered installations. A good quality UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) can often cost more than a standby generator and transfer switch such as the ACPTR8!


ACPTR8 Operation




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