Flotec offers a wide range of pumps designed tosatisfy a vast array of needs. Flotec pumps aremanufactured by qualifi ed technicians according tostate of the art engineering criteria with the guaranteeof maximum quality. Flotec pumps are reliable andeasy to install for usage.

Product Description

A reliable, high performance automatic pump with electronic control ideal to irrigate lawns and flowerbeds, wash decks and outdoor areas, and fill empty reservoirs. It can also be used as an automatic pump to pressurise and automate domestic water systems.
* Polypropylene body
* Innovative electronic control ‘Pressuremate 1.5’ which starts the pump every time water is requested & maintains constant pressure during delivery
* Dry run protection (if no water is supplied, pump will automatically stop itself)
* LED panel to control the operating status of the pump – shows you if the pump is connected, running, if water flow is present and if there are any unusual conditions

* Irrigate lawns & flowerbeds
* Wash decks & outdoor areas
* Fill empty reservoirs
* Also suitable to use as an automatic pump to pressurise & automate domestic water systems

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