TF30 with Mini Press


The Riva-flo range offers cost-effective solutions forhousehold pressure systems. They are of a rugged design,using cast iron and moulded components, along with astainless steel shaft and totally enclosed, fan-cooled motorfor long life under tough operating conditions.

Product Description

Introducing the Riva-Flo GPP40, the easy to install automatic pump that helps you put all your precious tank water to good use. The Riva-Flo GPP40 is a self-priming pump that automatically switches on as soon as you turn your garden taps on. And because it operates under constant pressure, watering your garden or even washing the car with tank water is quick and easy.
The Riva-Flo GPP40 is a great quality, reliable pump without the huge price tag. Manufactured from quality materials for excellent durability and reliability, the GPP40 has been designed for the typical urban environment. Riva Flo GPP40 provides water when you need it. Big on Quality , low on cost.
Typical Applications
The Riva-Flo GPP40 is ideal for pumping rainwater from your tank for garden watering, washing cars, sprinklers and small irrigation systems.

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